SmaRt Breeding

Inseminate your sows exactly at the right time

  • Achieve a single-dose insemination, naturally

    Achieve a single-dose insemination, naturally

  • Optimize your reproduction results

    Optimize your reproduction results

  • Optimize the use of your best boars

    Optimize the use of your best boars

Your current insemination method is blind

  • Sows are different from one another, and the estrus length varies from sow to sow. There is no way of knowing when the ovulation will occur.

    To overcome this problem, we traditionally inseminate sows for as long as they present heat symptoms, multiplying semen doses.​

Precise, single-dose insemination is possible

  • Save significant time by reducing the number of inseminations.

  • Optimize your reproductive results by inseminating in timing with the ovulation.

  • Optimize the use of your best boars and accelerate your genetic improvement by up to 2X.

  • Reduce your yearly expenses in semen doses (extender, blisters, catheters, labor, etc.).

  • Improve your environmental footprint by producing less plastic waste.

A simple solution that works

Using a network of cameras, smaRt Breeding analyzes your sows’ behavior in real time and alerts you when the optimal moment to inseminate each one has come.

To do so, the system learns about the normal out-of-estrus natural behavior of each sow by observing them 24\7, allowing smaRt Breeding to detect significant behavior changes that are predictive of heat and ovulation.

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Benefits and advantages

  • Reliable, 24/7 monitoring

    Have the best trained eye monitoring your sows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Steady results

    Have peace of mind that you will maintain your good results no matter the day of the week or time of the year.

  • Proven

    smaRt Breeding manages the reproduction of thousands of sows each day in the world.

  • Natural

    Achieve a single-dose insemination without artificially manipulating the reproduction cycle.

  • Animal welfare friendly

    The smaRt Breeding protocol promotes animal welfare.

  • Expert support team

    Ro-Main’s reproduction experts have your back.

They chose smaRt Breeding

  • Bert Wauters

    Bert Wauters

    smaRt Breeding helped me to improve my reproduction results while gaining valuable time that I can spend somewhere else in the farm. I would not go back to pig reproduction without using the smaRt Breeding system.

  • Luc Veilleux

    Luc Veilleux

    I have been a pig producer for 35 years and that is pretty much the time I waited to get such a technology in my farm. smaRt Breeding allows us to be more precise in our work. In our farm, it allowed us to improve our reproduction results while saving time and semen.

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